Hohem iSteady V2 wins 2022 Red Dot Design Award in Germany

Hohem iSteady V2, a real AI Smartphone Stabilizer with built-in patent AI vision sensor launched by Hohem Technology, garnered the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, a recognition that is generally regarded as the Oscar of the design industry.

Hohem Technology, a high-tech firm specialized in intelligent imaging, has taken the lead in the development of intelligent handheld stabilizers by launching the world’s first smartphone stabilizer with a facial tracking feature.

The Red Dot Award winning product Hohem iSteady V2 is a major achievement for the company in promoting the intelligent development of smartphone stabilizers.

Hohem iSteady V2, featuring a built-in camera with patented AI visual sensing technology hardware and customized AI processing algorithms, comes equipped with automatic face tracking and gesture recognition without the need for a separate app, a first in that until now intelligent tracking had depended on the installation of a separate utility.

hohem V2 reddot

The product is compatible with a wide range of software and hardware. Even if the device is affixed to a brick or a piece of wood, AI tracking continues to be available, redefining the meaning of visual tracking.


In addition, Hohem iSteady V2's AI tracking is not limited to faces, it can identify the body contour of the user, enabling tracking even if the user has his back to the device. The Hohem iSteady V2 also supports hand gesture control, allowing remote commands without the need to touch the screen or buttons. As examples, the OK gesture quick starts AI tracking, while the showing of the palm shuts it off. The highly convenient feature is a boon for emerging video creators and live streaming users alike.

The stabilizer head which drew its inspiration from the bionic owl design features high AI recognition, fast tracking, and automatic following. The wrap-around fill light and unique diamond prism design create three levels of adjustable natural soft light to satisfy the diversified needs of users for different types of lighting, enhancing the overall quality of a video shoot. The iSteady4.0 three-axis anti-shake algorithm and deeply optimized lens field of view (FOV) design provide accurate visual recognition, further enhancing flexibility.

iSteady V2 is designed with double laminated board to not only deliver an intelligent shooting experience, but also ensure ultimate space utilization and portability. The foldable product enables many modes, including hand-held taking of videos. The ergonomic leather-texture handle assures a comfortable feel throughout the shoot. At 263 grams (9.27 ounces), iSteady V2 is an ideal tool for making online videos.

Based on the corporate mission of integrating intelligent technology into high-quality stabilization videography, so that "anyone and everyone can record and share the most memorable moments of their lives", Hohem Technology fosters innovation to provide both amateur and professional videographers with a more meaningful intelligent image shooting experience. The garnering of the 2022 Red Dot Design Award has given the firm much international recognition. Hohem Technology will continue to abide by the brand value of "always endeavoring to create a better user experience and continuously enhance independent capabilities in order to provide users with value-for-money products."

 hohem V2 wins RED DOT

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