Hohem 3 in 1 Selfie Stick Extendable  Stable Tripod with Remote Control  for Gimbal iSteady V2/X2/X/Pro4  store.hohem.com
3-in-1 Selfie Stick + Tripod + Remote Control
RS01 Extendable Tripod with Remote suit for V2,PRO4.                  EP01 Extendable Tripod without Remote suit for X,X2,PRO3,MOBILE +

Detachable Remote Control, Control The Gimbal From A Far Distance, Photo/Video Taking, Zoom In/Out, Joystick Control, Switch Working Mode.

Quick Connection After Power On, Hohem Gimbal And Remote Control will Automatically Connect After Power On.

Extendable & Retractable, Extended Length 510mm, Perfect For Self-Portraits and Group Photos.

All-In-One Compact Design, Combines The Features Of Remote Control, Tripod And Extendable Selfie Stick,  Easy To Store And Carry.

Plays nice with your gear: 1/4" Standard screw mounts with ease. 
RS01 extendable tripod with Remote whiteRS01 extendable tripod with Remote blackEP01 extendable tripod without Remote whiteEP01 extendable tripod without Remote black
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Selfie Stick Tripod &

Wireless Remote Kit

Remote Control
Compatible With
Extendable Tripod
Compatible With
Wireless Remote
Tilt Angle

Combination of Tripod

and Selfie Stick

Removable Wireless
Remote Control

The removable wireless remote control eliminates the difficulties of photo/video taking from a far distance, and allow you to start photo/video taking, zoom in/out, control the joystick, change working mode and other rich functions by just tapping the buttons of wireless remote.

up to 10m

The distance of remote control

Connect Immediately after Booting, Just One Step

* Please note that for the first time connection you need to press the gimbal function button seven times to pair the remote control. After that, it will be automatically connected.
No more complicated operations for connecting, just turn on your Hohem gimbal and the remote control they will automatically connect after power on.

Extendable & Retractable

Getting a perfect shot by adjusting the length of the selfie stick, use a short length for self-portraits and a longer length for group photos. Besides, the aluminum alloy material is sturdy and durable, also support your shooting more stable.

Product Details

All-in-one Campact Design

The integrated design of extendable selfie stick,
tripod and remote control makes this kit is easy to store and carry.


Product Name

Selfie Stick Tripod & Wireless Remote Kit

Product Model


Remote Control Weight


Remote Control
Transmission Distance
(Straight line without stuck)

10 meters

Selfie Stick Tripod Weight


Selfie Stick Tripod
Unextended Size



The remote control is built with a button battery.
When the battery is low or power off, the indicator light will not light up.
Please open the back cover of the remote control to replace the battery.