Hohem M6 Phone Gimbal/MT2 Camera Gimbal AI Tracker for Live Streaming

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  • AI tracker only for M6 Phone Gimbal /  MT2 Camera Gimbal
  • AI Active Tracking without App/Bluetooth Limitation: Introducing our all-new 2023 AI tracker, exclusively designed for the hohem M6 phone gimbal / hohem MT2. Our revolutionary AI active tracking technology allows you to smoothly track faces and bodies without any limitations from Bluetooth connections or apps. With our AI vision sensor, you'll never miss a moment, whether you're filming your latest passion project, vlogging your daily life, streaming your adventures, or capturing stunning selfies.
  • Magnetic Fill Light: The AI active tracker offers warm and cool fill light options, along with 360 kinds of RGB lights, all of which have step-less dimming for maximum flexibility. You can take flawless shots even in dimly lit environments. Moreover, our magnetic quick-disassembly design enables you to switch between front and rear camera tracking quickly, making it perfect for taking selfies or capturing others, and guarantees that your subject is always in the frame.
  • Gesture Control: In order to make video shooting more convenient, the AI active tracker adopts gesture control to free your hands. Make the "OK" gesture to enable the tracking while making the "PALM" gesture to suspend the tracking. (Note: the recommended range of gestures is 1.6-4.9 feet or 0.5-1.5 meters).
  • AI Custom Composition: With specific gestures, you can effortlessly customize your favorite composition method. With this feature, the AI tracker will always track the composition position you've chosen, no need to struggle to center your shots or settle for subpar compositions anymore. Experience the thrill of being in complete control of your device, and capture moments like never before.
  • Wide Compatibility: The AI active tracker is compatible with the hohem iSteady M6 and can be used with various third-party platforms such as the original camera, short video apps, and live streaming apps. It's not restricted to certain apps and can be used with like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, and FaceTime, among others. This ensures that users enjoy a smooth and no limited active tracking experience, with the subject always in frame, even if they move swiftly.