User Manual

Hohem isteady V2 Gimbal User Manual(The new version is V2S)

Important Notes:

  • Please turn on the gimbal for the fifirst use. Some features are disabled

until Hohem Pro app is activated. Download the APP to register for free

membership and one-year extended warranty.

  • Mount your mobile phone before powering on iSteady V2.
  • If no mobile phone is detected or the motor is overloaded due to phone

is not level, the gimbal will shut down after a warning beeping.


Download the Hohem Pro App, Register and Login:

Search " Hohem Pro " in the App Store or Google Play

*Hohem Pro app requires iOS10.0 or above, Android 6.0 or above

*More product tutorials can be found on the app homepage.


hohem iSteady V2 Overview

How to mount and balance  mobile phone on the gimbal

Booting up iSteady V2 at first use

AI Visual Tracking & LED Video Light

Button Function

Button Function

➀ Power (ON/OFF) / Function Button

Long Press:Power On/Off

Single Press:Switch the landscape and portrait modes

Double Press: Recenter the gimbal

Triple Press: Inception (Auto rotation)

Press Five Times: Auto calibration

Press Seven Times: Remote control pairing

The bluetooth light will flash alternately in yellow and green.

(The remote control is an optional accessory)

1,If the remote control is not paired within 30 seconds, the pairing

will be cancelled;   

2,Click the function button to cancel pairing;

3,Double-click the function button to clear the paired remote

control and cancel pairing;

(And the paired remote control will be unavailable and need to be



➁ Joystick

Up/Down: Tilt Control

Left/Right:Pan Control

(It is able to control the roll motor through Left/Right Joystick Settings in Hohem Pro app)


➂ Zoom Slider

(Only available in the app)

Push Up: Push Down: Zoom in Zoom out


➃ Shutter Button (Ensure the Bluetooth is connected)

Single Press: Take photo, Start/End video

Double Press: Switch photo/video modes

Triple Press: Switch front/rear cameras (Only available in the app)



How to switch working modes by button?

Combination operation: Press and hold shutter button and tap power button

Single Tap: Pan&Tilt Follow (Default)

Double Tap:  Pan Follow

Triple Tap: All Lock

Quartic Tap: POV (All Follow)

*Tips: To ensure proper operation, please release the shutter button after the power button.


Working Mode & Follow Speed

*For changing working mode or follow speed, please open Hohem Pro app - Start Recording - Gimbal Parameter Settings

*Ensure the Bluetooth is connected and change the settings

Working Mode

Pan&Tilt Follow

This is the default working mode. When you rotate the handle left/right/tilt up/tilt down, the camera will follow the handle movements, and the roll motor is locked without following the movement.

Pan Follow

When you rotate the handle left/right, the camera will follow the handle movements. The tilt motor does not follow within the angle range of -30°~+30 movement, if exceed this range, the gimbal will follow the tilt movement, and the roll motor is locked without following the movement.

All Lock

The roll and pan motors are locked without following the movement. The tilt motor does not follow within the angle range of -30°~+30 movement, if exceed this range, the gimbal will follow the tilt movement.

POV (All Follow)

First person point of view

Gives you 360° complete movement, you can pan, tilt and roll with it.

Follow Speed

General      Shooting with general follow speed

Slow           Shooting with slow follow speed

Medium      Shooting to follow the fast movement

Fast            Fast follow speed for video transition


fold Gimbal  emergency  power bank

Power indicator and Bluetooth indicator function

hohem V2 Specifications 




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Hi, How can I adjust the zoom speed? There is a button in the app but no setting options


Ricardo Silva

Ricardo Silva

Hi Folks, how can I attach a Rode microphone receiver to this Gimbal without creating problems to the cell phone movement ? Thanks !

Paulo Jasmim

Paulo Jasmim

Gostaria de ter um manual completo em português. Tentei gravar um filme horizontal em tela cheia. Quando parei para ver, só o celular na vertical abria o vídeo em imagem bem pequena. Como fazer horizontal continuar horizontal como foi gravado?



Leider werden die aufgenommen Clips nicht in der richtigen Reihenfolge beschriftet, Das erschwert das Sortieren und Zuordnen. Frage kann dies eingestellt werden.
So wird z.B. ein Clip, wenn er mit dem Iphone ohne Gimbale V2 aufgenommen wurde : IMG_4149.Mov.
wird jedoch die Aufnahme mit dem gleichen iPhone und der gleichen Einstellung über die GimbalSteuerung aufgenommen, So wird der Clip mit:81E5CAA5-F7AC-412F-A453-00C8D9B6BE9E.mp4 beschriftet. Ein chronologische Reihenfolge ist nicht möglich.

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