Product Replacement Service

*Currently, product replacement services are only available for customers in the United States and Germany.

I. Replacement Conditions

  1. The product is not damaged due to human factors. Damage caused by transportation or Hohem negligence can be replaced. Customers need to provide detailed information and evidence to support their replacement request so that the after-sales can verify and validate it.
  2. If the customer has purchased an extended warranty, and the product needs to be replaced after one year, and it meets the first requirement, it can be replaced. If the customer has not purchased an extended warranty and the product needs to be replaced after one year, it cannot be replaced.

II. Replacement Process

  1. Customers provide proof of product damage to the after-sales department, which can be contacted by phone, email, online customer service, etc.
  2. After-sales will request relevant evidence and information from customers, including product photos, videos, etc.
  3. After the after-sales department verifies that the conditions for replacement are met, they will provide customers with a replacement application form that they need to fill out and submit relevant information.
  4. The after-sales department will reply to the customer within 2-3 working days, informing them whether the replacement is approved and providing specific procedures and requirements.
  5. If the replacement is approved, the customer needs to send the damaged product to the designated location provided by the after-sales department. After receiving the product, the after-sales department will arrange for delivery as soon as possible.
  6. Upon receiving the product, customers need to check the integrity and correctness of the product. If there are any problems, they need to contact the after-sales department promptly. The after-sales department is recommended to contact the customer promptly after the customer receives the product to confirm that there are no problems to avoid unnecessary disputes.