Why is iSteady V2 the Best Solution You Should Own?

Hohem has a huge history of making the best and decent mobile gimbal, and their mobile gimbals are too popular. But with the help of the sectored dominated by the DJI OM4, they needed something new and more. They need a product with impact and as well as a wow factor.

Hohem has managed this with the iSteady V2. According to its specifications, it seems to offer a lot more than you have expected, including AI tracking without the app, which is interesting for you. AI feature of this gimbal is considered the headline feature of the iSTEADY V2, and it is impressive. 

Due to its features and design, it is the best solution that you should own. So there are some features and specifications about iSTEADY V2, which are as given below:

Build and Handling:

There is nothing wrong with its build quality. iSTEADY V2 gives the user a good experience with its elegance and quality. Why do we say that?

That's because of the shiny metal of the AI unit in it, the buttons feel light and still as beautiful as any luxurious metal material.

Besides, it is very light in weight, which for a device with an internal battery and motor is surprising to anyone.

When buying this gimbal, using the Hohem Coupon is the best idea to save some money. It is compact and light. For few people, OM4 may be the best and joyful to use, but it is big and cumbersome in comparison. The iSTEADY V2 is not too cumbersome for ergonomics.

The handle is a cylinder with two buttons, power and orientation, a joystick, and a zoom button is also present on the side of the iSTEADY V2. The fold-out mechanism of this mobile gimble stabilizer is very simple, with click locks and a thumbscrew to lock the vertical arm into the position.

However, when you pop your smartphone into the spring phone holder and power on. After that, the whole experience of using the iSTEADY V2 will be completely changing.


Using this gimbal without the app means that you obtain the power of the AI track, and what about social media platforms or video apps you want.

Therefore, you can use them around without having a connection from one app to another.

The setup of this iSTEADY V2 is very easy; you have to pop up your smartphone into the clamp, power up, push the button present on the top, then you have to wait for a few seconds for the light to flash, and after doing all this it is set.

Furthermore, then make an ok gesture with the help of your right hand that is the diver style ok than you have to thumb up, and then after this, the small red light flashes green.

The green light blinking on the gimbal shows that the gimbal is now primed to track you. The action of the gimbals is impressive, and it works far better from many systems.

In addition to this, the two thumbs up switch the orientation to the landscape, and two thumbs to the right rotate it to portrait.

How to Use?

When using the iSTEADY V2, you only need to turn on the AI visual sensor that is present on the top of the gimbals, and you have to control it remotely by showing the gestures. You have to take an ok gesture to turn on the smart tracking and show a palm gesture to turn off the smart tracking.

You have to thumb right for switching to portrait mode and thumb up for switching to landscape mode. You can also keep following your movement also when you turn your back on it. When you are shooting with this gamble, you can customize the portrait position by the AI calibration setting in the Honhem pro app.

The app allows you to adjust the position that you want to appear on the screen. Then after this, iSTEADY V2 will ultimately fix this position after setting up. In addition to this, a gimbal will also support you to take your favorite photo composition when you are using the other camera apps.

Another new feature of this iSTEADY V2 is a built-in three adjustable brightness level LED video lights. It applies the unique diamond prism design to create the natural soft light and fulfill your many various requirements. Hohem Coupon is the best way to save money when buying this gimbal.


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