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Best Gopro Gimbal for Hero 10

GoPros make great video cameras, but there is no questioning that they were designed to record action. Whether you’re filming extreme sports or a leisurely walking city tour, the GoPro is an obvious choice given its compact size and great video quality.

When we’re recording action, camera shake is always going to be a potential problem. Even with the latest GoPro Hero 10 which features the latest “HyperSmooth” version 4 electronic image stabilization technology, tackling camera shake with software alone has clear limitations.

A 3-axis GoPro gimbal is the ultimate GoPro accessory to help you record buttery smooth video footage.

Handheld gimbals feature a grip so you can walk around with your GoPro in your hand. It’s the ideal setup if you want complete freedom over camera movements.

hohem isteady pro 4 for gopro hero 10

Hohem iSteady Pro 4
A solid and affordable GoPro gimbal that makes mounting and unmounting a breeze. Packed with features and fully compatible with the GoPro HERO9 and HERO10 models.

Battery Life: 14 hours
Maximum Payload: 0.33lb (150g)
Weight: 0.8lb (365g)
Waterproof: IPX4 Splashproof
  • Affordable
  • Quick-release clip for one-step mounting
  • Handy trigger button
  • 14-hour battery life

For those videographers looking to eliminate camera shake without breaking the bank, the Hohem iSteady Pro 4 is an excellent choice. The splashproof gimbal  Pro4 is by far the most popular GoPro action camera gimbal right now .


The iSteady Pro 4 is compatible with the GoPro HERO10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3+/3 and other similarly sized sports cameras, including the DJI Osmo Action, Yi 4K, Yi 4K+, AEE, SJCAM, and Sony RX0.

Hohem iSteady Pro 4 Overview

In fact, with four shooting modes, 600° range of motion in the pan axis and a 14-hour battery life, it has most of the competition beat.

The small handgrip packs in a decent number of controls, including a joystick to electronically adjust the pan and tilt. In addition to the standard buttons you’d expect, there are also programmable hotkeys that can be set in the Hohem Gimbal App.

Of course, many of you will be wondering what makes it different from the original iSteady Pro. The new version features an angled gimbal arm which improves torque and makes sure the GoPro’s display remains unobstructed. It also features a trigger at the back of the handle which makes functions like locking on to subjects or snapping far more convenient while filming.

There are simply no other action cam gimbals that perform as well as the Hohem iSteady Pro 4 within a $300 budget. Hohem has brought motorized gimbal stabilization to the casual GoPro user and hasn’t skimped on features either.

The Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus is a highly rated smartphone gimbal that can also house a GoPro within its adjustable spring clamp. GoPro mount plate adaptors can also be purchased separately to make sure the GoPro is better secured.

The Mobile Plus isn’t really designed for the kind of activity typically associated with GoPros, since smartphone gimbals are generally not weather proof and have slightly slower follow speeds. But for those who spend a lot of time filming with their phone and only occasionally take out their GoPro, the Mobile Plus is worth a look.

Buying Tips

Understanding Shooting modes

Three shooting modes. These are:

Pan-following: The gimbal will react to keep the horizon level, but follow movements in the pan axis (sideways).

Following: The gimbal will follow movements in the pan (sideways) and tilt (up and down) axes, while making sure the footage is stabilized.

Locked: This shooting mode locks the GoPro’s orientation in all three axes (pan, tilt and roll). This effectively means the GoPro lens will always be aimed at the same target.

Can I Use A GoPro Gimbal As A Smartphone Gimbal?
GoPros are lighter and more compact than today’s typical smartphone. As a result, most GoPro gimbals cannot support such a heavy payload, and their frame housing will not accommodate a smartphone in the first place.

On the other hand, smartphone gimbals are generally able to accommodate GoPros. However, using a smartphone gimbal as a GoPro gimbal comes with its own problems, and is not an ideal setup. Generally speaking, it’s recommended to purchase a GoPro gimbal for your GoPro and a smartphone gimbal for your phone.

Are GoPro Gimbals Waterproof?
GoPros and other action cameras are mostly waterproof these days, but most GoPro gimbals are not fully waterproof or waterproof at all. Gimbals feature rotating pivots powered by brushless DC motors, and it is difficult to fully protect these moving parts from water damage if submerged.

Choosing the best gimbal for your GoPro is a tricky process, but it ultimately depends on how and where you plan to use your GoPro to record footage.

Most people will probably want to go with a handheld gimbal, unless certain the GoPro will be worn. Filming with the GoPro in your hand is the most natural setup, and a handheld gimbal basically becomes a GoPro grip that just happens to stabilize the recordings.

Luckily, Hohem accessories are getting better and better, with the Hohem iSteady Pro 4 offering almost everything you can ask for in a $100 gimbal.

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