Hohem isteady Pro4 action camera gimbal introduction

hohem isteady Pro4 ction camera gimbal

Stable shots make the difference between amateur and professional videos. In
case you frequently use an action camera for your content creation, you should
always look for ways to increase your production value, and using a qimbal is a
step to the right direction.

There are action cameras with great image stabilization without the need to use a gimbal, but they cost way too much for the casual user, someone starting out or just a conscious buyer Searching the market specifically for an action camera gimbal, can cause a bit of confusion, but after getting familiar with the specs of the Hohem iSteady Pro4, it will be self explanatory, why it stands out from the competition.

The Hohem iSteady Pro4 standalone version, is a complete stabilization solution
offered at very suitable price, at the time of writing this post, This includes the gimbal itself in a semi rigid carrying case, a mini tripod and the cables for charging the gimbal and those for providing power to the onboard camera as well.

If you want to expand the usability of the gimbal even further, the tripod kit
includes whatever the standalone version offers, plus the Rs01 extendable tripod
and the phone holder only for 149€. Even this tripod kit price, is directly  comparable with gimbals offered from other companies, but without including the
extra accessories, So it is a no brainer to opt for the iSteady Pro4 when you are on the search for purchasing an action camera gimbal.
Battery life

The battery life of the Hohem iSteady Pro4 offers up to 14 hours of continuous use.

thanks to the internal 3600mAh battery. This is basically a whole day of shooting
and even more, as there will be breaks between shoots. The battery status is easily indicated thanks to 4 LEDS on the side of the grip. On the other side of the handle you will find the USB-C power input, which allows the unit to be charged with the included cable, in about 3,5 hours when fully empty.

The powerbank feature of the gimbal, makes it even more versatile in use, making
it able to provide power to the on board action camera. In such a scenario, the
internal battery will provide power to both the qimbal itself, as well as to the on
board camera, for up to 3 hours. It can also provide power to whatever device, via
the USB-A output in case there is a need for that.

The gimbal looks similar to its predecessor, the isteady Pro3, which was a tried and true design. It is delivered in a hard case, with all the included accessories
mentioned above, which serves as a carrying case for safe transportation, as well
as a storage case. It offers a quick mounting spring buckle design, which is simpler faster and easier to use, than other screw mounting systems on the market.

This also allows for a wide action camera compatibility, with almost all
contemporary action cameras from maior brands to be compatible. In case you
wonder though, if your specific camera will fit or not, the maximum compatible
dimensions, are 51mm in height and 30mm in width, Finally, the maximum payloac of the qimbal is 150 grams, which is way more than the heaviest action camera on the market today.
shooting modes

All the common shooting modes are included in the iSteady Pro4, as it is expected
The Pan Follow (PF), Pan and Tilt Follow (PTF), Lock (L) and the Point Of View (POv) are the standard and most frequently used modes, which can be cycled through by pressing the MoDE button.
Hohem has included even more though, for even more creative applications. The
600° inception mode offers this unique style of shooting, which allows to add a
touch of bigger than life production value to your content, There is also the sport
mode, which is engaged by holding pressed the trigger switch and increases the
responsiveness of the gimbal, allowing the user to track fast moving subjects with
greater ease.

The ability to shoot motion timelapses, is another awesome feature of the Pro4
due to the fact that the gimbal can perform preprogrammed motions between
multiple waypoints. This is not useful only for timelapses though, as it can be used
for video shooting as well., Lastly, although it is not exactly a shooting mode, you
can easily enter the calibration mode, whenever there is an unusual behavior of the gimbal and that's as easy as pressing the MODE button for 6 seconds.
Compatibility & app

The iSteady Pro4 will accommodate almost every action camera in the market.
However, if you are the owner of a GoPro camera you will be able to enjoy the
wireless camera control features of the iSteady Pro4, The built in bluetooth adapter will allow GoPros from generation 5 up to 11 to be controlled wirelessly, making the shooting experience even easier.

But even if you own another action camera, like the Insta360, D|I OSMO Action,
Sony RX0 etc, you will be able to get the benefits of stabilized footage, as well as a taste of the wireless features of the gimbal. There is the option to control the
isteady Pro4, using the Hohem Gimbal App from your smartphone. The app not
only provides wireless control, but allows to program the gimbal for shooting
timelapses and also allows to fine tune the unit to your needs, by accessing the
options menu and personalizing the settings to fit your specific preferences.
Further features and specs

The awesome features of the Hohem iSteady Pro4 are not only those mentioned
above. There are even more, making it easier to choose it, as your next action
camera gimbal. It is splashproof IPX4 rated, which means you won't be interupted
by the next light rain during your next travel vlog. Also thanks to the advanced
iSteady 5.0 algorithm, get ready to capture even more stable footage than ever before.

Also the Y inch extension screw on the side of the handle, allows for adding the smartphone in order to enhance your shooting holder, or maybe some other accessory of your preference, experience.
The bottom 1/4 inch screw is mostly reserved for tripod use, although you can experiment with other uses as well. With a unit weight of just 365 qrams, the Pro4 will allow for continuous shooting without qetting tiring for the user, even with the camera and tripod mounted on it. And all that, right out of the box, as the case allows for storing the gimbal with the action camera mounted. But even if it didn't allow for that, you would still be able to shoot right after mounting your camera, as there is no need for balancing.

Anyone who is into using an action camera for walking shots, is compelled at some point to use a qimbal for capturing more stable footage. Either it being vlogging or hiking and travel content, the final difference in shots captured will be massive.

The Hohem iSteady Pro4 is the perfect solution for this task, as it is user friendly
and is offered in such an affordable price. It being so feature rich, makes it stand
out from the competition, So among others, it is easy to select it to be the work
horse ofyour outdoor shooting applications.

This blog was written by Dimou Dimitris

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