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Hohem iSteady Q, an affordable multipurpose selfie stick

Hohem iSteady Q, an affordable multipurpose selfie stick
  • Are you in the business of creating content and looking for a professional-quality yet affordable stabilizer to boost your work or hobby? Then you are interested in knowing the iSteady Q, the new 'selfie stick' with iSteady 4.0 technology from Hohem, a company specialized in the sector of stabilizers or gimbal devices.

    Hohem announced the new iSteady Q in September and is putting it on sale now, as we have just pointed out, with an irresistible launch offer, and it is that no matter the budget you manage, because it is safe for you: 

    iSteady Q, Hohem's new selfie stick

    Hohem iSteady 4.0

    Hohem iSteady Q is the latest from the brand and features iSteady 4.0 technology. What does Hohem do? To the design and manufacture of recording accessories, standing out especially in the category of " gimbal stabilizers ", which it sells in more than 50 countries. We are therefore talking about a manufacturer recognized worldwide, with ample experience developing this type of peripherals.

    Now, what exactly is a "gimbal stabilizer"? This gimbal is a pivoted support system, based on the gimbal suspension, a mechanism used to mount gyroscopes used in many devices and, for the present case, very present in technological devices related to image and movement such as telescopes, drones ... cameras or smartphones. Hence, simply calling it a stabilizer is less complicated and more effective, since that is its function.

    As you can see, calling a device like the iSteady Q a 'selfie stick' is an understatement. But the same thing happens if we reduce it to a mere stabilizer, since it provides in fact a method to extend the recording medium, like a selfie stick, as well as a high-performance intelligent image stabilization system ; but it also includes many other features designed to offer the best results in your recording in any circumstance.

    iSteady Q combines the features of a selfie stick, extendable tripod, stabilizer, and live streaming gear with features such as an innovative 360-degree rotation system and single-axis stabilization, face tracking, auto start and remote gesture control; Desktop, Moment, Time Lapse, and Moving Platform modes; it incorporates effect of clones and automatic function of panorama… Watch the following video.

    Main features of the Hohem iSteady Q with iSteady 4.0 technology

    • Four kinds of use : handheld use, selfie stick use, vertical desktop use, 360 ° horizontal face tracking use, extendable built-in tripod, portable, combines the characteristics of selfie stick, tripod, gimbal and transmission equipment live.
    • ISteady stabilization technology : built-in single-axis brushless motor, easy to take smooth photos and videos.
    • Rotatable Arm Design : Make use of 360 ° rotating desk, 360 ° horizontal face tracking, take interesting CloneMe photo and panoramic video.
    • Detachable Remote Control : Take a selfie or video remotely, control the direction of the camera, do auto-rotate effect, switch between landscape and portrait mode, zoom in and out.
    • Different modes : Momentum, Simple Cinematic Templates, CloneMe, Inception, Panoramic Video, Time-lapse Motion, Fantastic Rotation, Dolly Zoom.

    As you can see, iSteady Q is an all-terrain stabilizer, packed with features and most importantly, it has been developed to be easy to use and to get you up to speed quickly , thanks to Hohem's accumulated experience in the design and manufacture of These devices. For this reason, it is an ideal stabilizer for both beginners and those looking for a comfortable and efficient but professional quality alternative.

    Of course, the iSteady Q works like a selfie stick even when turned off , so beginners will discover an extendable stabilizer mount with which to get started in the exciting world of imaging without complications, but with which to grow as creators of images. content due to its versatility and a learning curve available to everyone. You will love its gesture control function, if you are just starting out.

    The most experienced users or those who are professionally dedicated to the creation of content, for their part, will find in this accessory the definitive tool for their work, since it can meet the need to count and transport various devices , combining power and comfort. If you are knowledgeable in this area, the remote control support through the Hohem Joy App mobile application and the ability to remove the control module will surprise you.

    To discover how the iSteady Q works in depth, we leave you with a video tutorial that will show you how easy it is to use it to its full potential without prior knowledge. But before we remind you for the last time that you can get the iSteady Q at a price that will not be repeated , so do not think about it too much. In addition, the first to order will get a free selfie ring light (while supplies last).

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