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In order to have better experiences with your gimbal, you can check these contents below before the first shoot:


which phone gimbal is right for you?


If you are getting the iSteady X, click the key words below to watch the video you want:

  1. Tutorial video
  2. Four working modes: Pan&Tilt FollowPan FollowAll Lock / POV
  3. Tips when using the gimbal to make videos


If you are getting iSteady X2:

  1. Tutorial video
  2. Remote control
  3. How to replace the remote battery


If you are getting the iSteady V2:

  1. Tutorial video
  2. AI sensor use
  3. AI vision positioning calibration
  4. With heavy phone like iPhone 13 Pro max


If you are getting the iSteady Mobile plus:

  1. Mounting and balancing
  2. App functions
  3. Inception
  4. With iPhone 12 Pro max
  5. With heavy phone like iPhone 13 Pro max
  6. Tips for making video with iSteady Mobile plus


If you are getting the iSteady Pro 4:

  1. Tutorial video
  2. Work with RS01(skip to the 5:38 minute)


If you are getting the iSteady Q:

  1. Tutorial video
  2. How to replace the remote battery
  3. Face tracking


If you are using the RS01 


Buying Guides-FAQ-Product:

Is your gimbal compatible with my phone?

--iSteady X/X2/V2: 
1. Screen size of phone ≤ 6.8 inches
2. Thickness of the phone ≤ 11mm ≈0.43 inch
3. Weight of the phone ≤ 280g

-iSteady Mobile Plus: 
1.Screen size of phone ≤ 6.7 inches
2. Same as above
3. Same as above
※When working with iPhone 12/13 Pro max/Samsung S21/22 Ultra, we advise you to remove the phone case for better experience.

How to choose among the iSteady X/X2/V2?

iSteady X series include the iSteady X,X2 and V2, they all have their advantage

if you don 't have other special requirements(like remote control or AI tracking or live), I think iSteady X will meet your need,

if you want to remotely control while use, then you should have the X2, 

if you live stream a lot, the V2 will be the best choice.


The differences between iSteady X series and Mobile plus ?

The main differences are:
1. X series are all foldable design, lighter and has two colors, Mobile plus is traditional structure,unfoldable and only has black color.
2. Mobile plus has a much bigger range of tilt angles and a longer battery life.
3. X series are more suitable for beginners while Mobile plus needs a little skill in lens operation. 


What's in the iSteady Pro 4 kit case/iSteady Pro 4 case?

iSteady Pro 4 case: Pro 4+Mini Tripod+Camera Charging Cable*3+Gimbal Charging Cable+User Manual+Quick Start Guide

iSteady Pro 4 kit case: iSteady Pro 4 case+Smartphone holder+Extendable Tripod+Remote

iSteady Pro 4 can control GoPro Hero 5/6/7/8/9/10 Black
※Tutorial video:


What's the differences between V2 & V2 kit or X & X vlogger

iSteady V2 case includes: iSteady V2+Mini Tripod+Power cable+Storage Pouch+Wrist Strap

iSteady V2 kit case includes: iSteady V2 case+RS01(extendable tripod + remote

iSteady X case includes: iSteady X+Mini Tripod+Power Cable+Storage Pouch+Wrist Strap

iSteady X vlogger kit case includes: iSteady X case+Microphone(BM01)+Earphone+Windscreen Muff

If none of the information above could help, please don’t hesitate to contact us right now!

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Canada: +1(855)758-8939                      Mon-Fri: 9:00AM-5:00PM(EST)

Brazil: +55 (0)800 5911897                    Mon-Fri: 10:00AM-6:00PM(GMT-3)

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Hammad Ashraf

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Adrian Castle

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