Get Hohem XG1 and abandon all you old weighted camera stabilizers

In today’s world, we often see people making videos about their life while they travel or go hangout somewhere with their mates. This whole video making and moving around thing is called vlogging. It is mostly assumed that vlogging can be done by a normal phone camera with a great quality camera. But such is not the case, for vlogging, you need an action camera. Action cameras look like a baby camera but they are completely different when it comes to their features. Action cameras can be attached with your helmets, handlebars or you can even take them when you go sea diving and record whatever experiences you are having.

Why use these action cameras? These cameras have 4K resolution, meaning it gives you a very clear picture and you can zoom in without having any blurry picture. So, even when you are moving fast or running or anything that makes your camera shake which in turn makes your captured moments blurry and unfocused, these action cameras get the right thing very clearly.


Now that you know why is there a need for action cameras and if you are currently using any, then you must be quite aware of its functions. Hohem Tech has come up with Hohem XG1 stabilizer which is the perfect partner of action cameras. We all want to upgrade our lifestyles constantly, then why not upgrade the photography and film making experience as well? Hohem XG1 is super lightweight and has intuitive App interactions through built-in Bluetooth. Hohem XG1 also contains external power input for unlimited usage. Here is the big part, Hohem XG1 is compatible with most of the action cameras like GoPro7, GoPro6, GoPro5, GoPro4, GoPro3, Sony RXO, etc.

You can connect your Hohem XG1 gimbal with the app on your phone to control the movement of your camera from your phone.

Hohem Tech has come up with the intelligent new design, which is user-friendly and helps in improving the experiences of a user. Moreover, if you are creative with shooting, then Hohem XG1 is just for you because it allows you to shoot videos in 4 different modes; Pan follows, Pan & Tilt follow, all locked and All follow mode. Even if you are a beginner than using these modes can really enhance your video shooting skills and quality.

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